Monday, December 22, 2008

Hunter's Acting Debut!!

We had our annual Christmas Cantata last night. The church was packed out. The choir was ready to get this thing over We had a great cast playing the play part. This year's cast consisted of Kevin, Heather, HUNTER, Jeremy, Tommy Ragland, Breanna, Angie, and Bud and Lou as the narrator. Everybody did a FANTASTIC job!! I do know some hands were raised for salvation. Praise God. The practice was well worth if just one soul was saved! :-) Great job done by all involved.
Dad also preached a great sermon Sunday morning. He preached on God with us. He is with us in salvation, He is with us in the storm, and He is with us in service, and He is with us in secret. I am so glad He is with me constantly. If we roll the stone back and let Him work. Great job dad!!!
Hope everybody has a great Monday!! Remember Romans 8:26


Heather said...

Hunter did very well! I was so proud of him! I too am glad it's all done, though.When it was done we prayed together in the back room that someone would be saved. Jeremy watched out the peep hole in the door and said that hands went up. That made it all worth it right there! We were doing some quiet rejoycing back there! Awesome!