Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures of Teams for Ladies Meeting

Ladies Scavenger Hunt

What a blast!! Mrs Talley had a really great meeting planned for the ladies. We all arrived excited and wondering how in the world are we going to do this hunt. Mrs Talley then handed out red pieces of paper with Hull St on them, green pieces of paper with either Hull St or Ironbridge on them, yellow pieces of paper and blue pieces of paper the same. All the red were on a team, all the yellow, all the green, and all the blue. Not only did you have to get what was on your paper, you each had to give out a tract, and we had to find something out about one another. So, we get our team, Mrs Talley prays, and we are off. Mrs Lacks, Mrs Bolton, Sandy, Sara, Becca, and myself were on a team. Needless to say I drove!! I wanted to win!! What excitement we had in our van!! We made it back to the church in 25 minutes!! Woohoo we were the first team back!! We had dessert and then Mrs Talley gave a great devotion on purposing in your heart!! Thanks Mrs Talley and her missionary group for an evening of great fun and fellowship!! If you did not make it to the ladies meeting this month check our next one out in March. This meeting will be sponsered by Mrs Bennet's missionary group.

Band of Brothers' Meeting

The band of brothers' meeting went very well. The men also raised money for the the Ozmars and Big Daddy Bolton to go on their senior trip. MR. May was the speaker. The preacher said there were 40 men that attended! Great job men!! Here are a couple of pictures.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Love My Church

Preacher preached last night about Losing that loving feeling!! I do believe that when you lose that feeling for your begin to quit growing. The preacher is the same, sermons are better than ever, and people are sitting out there saying they can't get anything from it, or they are done growing. Give me a break!! That dog won't bark!! Preacher also preached that sermon last Sunday night!! We as christians continually is how it is done...going to church, our own personal time with the Lord, going soulwinning, etc. I do believe that if you are not actively soulwinning you are not growing as a christian. You can sit under thee greatest preaching and if you are not actively participating in your own growth, you are the one to blame. Be careful thinking you know more than the preacher!! I am grateful that I continually get something from church!! God is so good!!
World's Greatest Church: HYLES BAPTIST CHURCH
World't Greatest Preacher: DR Ron Talley

Saturday, February 23, 2008


here are some more pictures!! Everybody enjoy!! Oh yeah...Bary and I are going cruising on September 22!! We cannot wait! Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentines 08

Barry was oh so sweet to me this he always is! He went to Jared!! He also brought me a card and some flowers to work. He not only brought me stuff but he also took the time and stopped by the school for Tal and Hunter!! Here is a pic of my ring and my flowers

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just for my grandma and Aunt Norma

Hey ya'll!! Mom said ya'll really liked being able to see what is going on down here! I added more pictures...hope ya'll enjoy! I love you grandma! Give my best to Lloyd!! Sure do miss you!

GO JR!!!

Hey How about that! I just learned how to change my template!! I am so excited that JR is not with Budweiser any more!! I can wear his number proudly!! GO 88!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Camp Out at the Talley Hotel

Well here we are well into February and I am just now posting. Here is an sister went to the doctor last week and she is going to go to her due mom is looking for a ticket to go out there the Monday before she is due. This past weekend we had some terrible wind. My mom said that it was so bad at her house Saturday evening, she thought she might wake up in Kansas. We lost power sometime on Sunday and it was way too cold to stay at our house; however we were not the only ones without power. My Aunt Diane was also without power. They called my parents and said they needed some place to go; so, off they went to the Talley Hotel. Barry called a hotel and it was going to be $140 to stay for one night...ok let's think about that NO!! So, I called and asked if there was any room at the inn. We go to our house gather up what we need ( pajamas, clothes for the next day, and tooth brushes, etc). We finally get to the great Talley hotel. When we arrive mom, dad, Uncle Roy, and Aunt Diane were in the living room, Tristen and Aubrey were asleep on the floor in my mom and dad's room. Aunt Diane and Uncle Roy slept in the spare bedroom, and Talley slept on the loveseat, Hunter slept on the couch, and Barry and I slept on the living room floor. I am so thankful that we were all kept safe and had THEE greatest place to go to!! Thanks mom and dad!! Tal did remind me that we were making memories.
Now switching gears.
God has really been blessin our church. He has sent a wonderful family to our church. They have six wonderful children and one due in August. Thank God from whom all blessings flow. We have also had soem really awesome preaching. Come join us or check out our website at