Saturday, July 19, 2008

God is still Good!

Hello everyone. We have had a fun filled summer already!! Tal went camping with the teens and she also went to her first youth conference. She said she is wiped out but she had a really great time.
My sister and her family were here for a few weeks. A house full of boys is what we had. This visit seemed to be a very successful visit. Her step son Tre seemed to hit it off quite well with my cousins daughter Bethany. Two great young people I must say! The last sunday that they were here, my brother in law accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior! The following wednesday he got baptized and yes my sister took a victory lap! Way to go Tam!!
Now as far as the little "grand" Tanyon goes, well we just couldn't get enough of him. He is absolutely precious. You can't help but look at him and thank God for being in the miracle working business.
Well, I start a great new job next week and my kids are enjoying their last few weeks of summer.
Hope all is well for everybody!!
Remember Hebrews 4:16