Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tal and Hunter

I also wanted to post about Tal and Hunter trying out for their school's softball and baseball team. They both are very excited. Try outs started on Tuesday and will be over for Hunter today and Tal tomorrow. There were about 35-40 boys trying out and Hunter said it would be hard to make the team. JT helped him get some stuff together last night. He was so excited when he got home. JT had him looking like he was a baseball star by the time we left their house. Tal is really confident about the team. They have been throwing and doing things with Barry and each other in the evening. These next couple of days are going to be interesting. Tal does have something else in the works if she doesn't make it. She is going to do a drama competition. SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! I am glad she has a back up plan. She doesn't like to be idle. Hunter on the other hand said if he doesn't make the school team he wants to play for Amelia's rec team. That is comparison to CLL. He really needs this outlet. Please keep them both in your prayers. I would love to see them both make it. They usually don't take sixth graders for the baseball team. Hunter was going out there today and show the coach he could hit left handed and right handed. He told my sister last night he was ampidextrious. LOL...made me chuckle on the inside.
Will post what happens. Remember Romans 8:26


~Amber~ said...

I will be praying for Talley and Hunter. They are wonderful children and very talented I am sure they will do great!! Love ya'll